Bulletin Board

Thank You For Participating in Workers Memorial Day











President Harvey Whille would like to thank all the members and customers who participated in The Moment of Reflection observed on Workers Memorial Day (April 28).

Pictured here are (Top to bottom rows, left to right):  Executive Board Vice President and Shop Steward Tina Galante with Flo Quinn, So. Livingston ShopRite — Nadine Schaible & Shop Steward Neil Robertello, Edison (Route 1) Stop & Shop — Cashiers & Customers alike paused for a Moment of Reflection at Watchung ShopRite — Cashier Julia Brockman (Cedar Knolls ShopRite) — 27 Year Member Sue Ugalde (Pharmacy Tech ShopRite Cedar Knolls) — Denise Erlacher & Roxanna Carabello-Davila, Wayne ShopRite — Margaret McQuiston, Vailsgate(NY) ShopRite — Anna Mari Mather & Lisa Simms, Wayne ShopRite — Dorothea Ulrich, Brick Stop & Shop — Shop Steward Cheryl Cassidy, Brick Stop & Shop —  Cedar Knolls Courtesy Spec. Alyssa Rebimbas — -Cedar Knolls ShopRite “Bakery Team” Martha Alban, Jacqueline Romero Rivera, Irena Oczkowska Miele, Anthony Gencarelli, Danielle Theall & Enoise Delva —  Cashier Mary Kay Dombrowski (Cedar Knolls ShopRite) — 34 year member Jimmy Ryan, Cedar Knolls ShopRite — Executive Board VP & Shop Steware (second from left) Dolores Jackson bows here head in prayer with members from the Rochelle Park ShopRite Bakery Team  — Activity at the registers in the Chester ShopRite comes to a halt for two minutes while members and customers remember those lost to COVID — Customers & Cashiers at the Wallkill ShopRite bow their heads in solidarity.