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Vacation Time Tips

With the summer vacation season in full swing, Local 1262 would like to remind our members to plan ahead in the event you may need to use an Urgent Care Center or Emergency Room. You can do this in two easy steps.

First, make a list of the In-Network Urgent Care Center or Hospital that is nearest to your destination. You can locate these In-Network Providers by visiting www.horizonblue.com, then select “search Nationally”. Remember if you use an out-of-network provider – even when travelling – your claim may not be covered under your insurance. If you are travelling abroad, the Plan provides benefits outside of the United States for emergency and other unexpected medical situations. Call BlueCard Worldwide Access at (800) 810-2583 for additional information, including the names and addresses of doctors and hospitals in the area where you or your eligible Dependents need care.

Second, familiarize yourself with the difference between what situations require ER care and what can be handled at an Urgent Care Center. When your illness or injury is not severe you should consider an in-network Urgent Care Center which are equipped to handle basic urgent and minor illnesses and injuries quickly, are typically open in the evenings and on weekends and can provide similar treatment to an emergency room for non-emergency situations. Visit www.1262funds.org for a Quick Reference Chart and more information.

As always, I thank you – our more than 20,000 members here in New Jersey and New York – for your ongoing dedication and service to your communities. It is truly an honor and privilege to serve as your president.

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NOTE:  You can also listen to this message by calling Local 1262’s Information Hotline at 888-438-1262.