Want 1262 in Your Workplace?

Would you like Local 1262 to represent you and your co-workers?

Local 1262 is fortunate to have seasoned representatives from the supermarket and retail industries on staff who can directly relate to the difficulties experienced by non-union employees.

When Local 1262’s organizers speak to workers in the field, it’s really a conversation between one worker and another.

If you want to…

…Improve your wages, benefits, and working conditions

…Have a true, independent voice in the workplace

…Be treated with dignity, justice, and respect on the job

…then contact Local 1262’s Organizing Department today at 1-800-562-6913 (from NJ) or at 1-800-526-7814 (from other states).  One of our staff members will be happy to discuss how you can gain Union representation in your workplace.

All calls are kept strictly confidential.

In addition to helping organize new members, Local 1262’s organizing program also protects our existing members by preventing non-union companies — like Walmart — from using lower wages, fewer benefits (if any) and inferior working conditions to gain an unfair advantage over unionized companies.