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Update For Members Formerly Employed by Pathmark

Local 1262 would like to inform our members formerly employed by Pathmark, that the bankruptcy court recently issued a ruling to pay former Pathmark employees 20 percent of unused paid-time-off owed to them from the company. The court will be issuing checks during the next few weeks to any Local 1262 members formerly employed by Pathmark who are owed paid-time-off from the company.

“For more than six years, Local 1262 has continued to fight on behalf of our former Pathmark members to ensure they received what the A&P Company owed them,” said President Harvey Whille. “However, as is the case in most bankruptcies, former workers typically receive little to none of what they are owed by the bankrupt company and that is what happened to these workers. It should be noted, however, that without a contract and a union to fight for them, these workers might not have received any payout at all. So in that respect, this could be considered a victory.”

This ruling by the bankruptcy court should bring to a close any payouts from A&P due to Local 1262 members formerly employed by Pathmark.

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