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Update for Former Pathmark Members

A&P/Pathmark Update:  As part of the A&P/Pathmark Bankruptcy, Local 1262 members previously employed by Pathmark will be receiving a letter from the court regarding money owed to them from the bankruptcy.  The letter will include the amount the court has determined is owed to the member.  Members will receive a letter even if the court has determined that no money is owed to them.  Any member wishing to dispute the amount owed to them must contact the court themselves and provide their own documentation to support that claim. Members who do not dispute the amount owed to them should receive payment from the bankruptcy court in a few months.  If your address has changed since the bankruptcy in 2015, you can email the company at claimsadmin@apteaestate.com.  You must indicate that Local 1262 was the Local representing you while you were employed by the company and provide your old mailing address, new mailing address and the location of the last Pathmark store where you worked.  If you have your A&P employee number, please include that as well.  Please continue to check our hotline and our web site for any additional updates on this matter.

 Posted April 2, 2021