In addition to ensuring that Local 1262 members have the finest in wages, benefits, health and welfare coverage and working conditions, Local 1262 has always considered “safety on-the-job” to be as important as anything else our Union does for its membership.

Local 1262, working with our Union Representatives and Shop Stewards, is continuously striving to make our members’ working environment as safe and as healthy as possible by looking for safety problems and ways to correct them before they injure or do other damage.

Several years ago, Local 1262 participated in a unique and pacesetting review of safety conditions in the supermarket industry, working in cooperation with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).  During this survey, OSHA representatives teamed-up with Local 1262’s staff, visiting many of our stores, videotaping and getting a first-hand look at the dangers and the challenges our members face every day when it comes to safety on-the-job.

Today, Local 1262 provides a host of safety protections and precautions that are strictly enforced.

These include:

  • Caution signs for balers and compactors
  • Eyewash facilities in stores where danger to the eyes may occur
  • Stress mats to help cashiers with fatigue
  • Guidelines for the use of chemicals, such as cleaners
  • Precautions for the use of shrink-wrap machinery
  • Ergonomically-correct scanning equipment

All of these safety pre-cautions are in place today — protecting the health and lives of our members — because Local 1262 has always made safety a “number-one” priority.

If you have a safety concern or question, contact your Union Representative.

To locate your Union Representative’s name and extension, use the Find Your Representative Tool on the right.  Then call:

From New Jersey    —   1-800-562-6913
From Other States  —   1-800-526-7814