Retirement Planning Interactive Guide

Local 1262 offers our members a very unique benefit as part of your collective bargaining agreement — a paid day to attend our Pre-Retirement Seminars.  Now we have taken some of the information provided by our Member Assistance Program during the seminar and put it in an Interactive Guide that will directly connect you to the many programs and services available to people who are retired or getting ready to retire.

To access the Retirement Guide, click the link below.

Seniors Pre Retirement Guide 2020

Our next Pre-Retirement Seminars will be held this fall.  We will announce them here on our web site, on our Information Hotline (1-888-GET-1262) and post notices in the stores.  If you have questions about your retirement or the seminars, please speak to your Union Representative.  Calling from New Jersey 1-800-562-6913.  Calling from other states 1-800-526-7814.