Bulletin Board

Discounts, Free College, GED & ESL Courses for Local 1262 Members

Local 1262 would like to remind our members that our website – www.ufcw1262.org – provides information on many types of programs and services for you and your family.  This includes Tips on Timely Topics (such as Tax Preparation) and information on free programs offered by federal, state and local governments and non-profit organizations.

Our website also has links to the many Free Educational Programs available for you and your family including GED Preparation, Free Two- and Four-Year College Degrees and Free Language Programs, as well as Member Only Discount Programs that help you save money on everything from a new car to movie tickets.

You can also find information on shopping Union Stores and Buying Union Made products, including Union-Made St. Patrick’s Day foods and beverages.

Our website is updated weekly on Fridays and more frequently as needed.  We urge you to “stop by and browse” the many Union Member-Only Programs and Discounts.

Updated March 18, 2022