Bulletin Board

Weekend Update From President Whille

As you know Local 1262’s officers and staff have been working around the clock to reinstate COVID-19 Hazard Pay for our members by holding discussions with your employers, filing grievances and arbitration and reaching out to the public through the media and various public awareness campaigns (including the Stop & Shop Hazard Pay/Taken Away Sticker Program).

Today I would like to bring attention to the often “unsung heroes” of Local 1262 who have also played a key role in this fight – Local 1262’s Shop Stewards. 

Throughout Local 1262’s history our Shop Stewards have always been there for our members.  They volunteer to serve our union by helping to answer members questions and working with our Union Reps to ensure that our members are treated fairly. They are also one of our first lines of communication during negotiations and other critical times.

The COVID-19 Pandemic was no different.  As we knew they would, since day one our Shop Stewards have been there for our members and this Union.  Their dedication to our members and their unwavering support for our union’s principals have never been more appreciated than during these especially hectic and uncertain times.

I want to take this opportunity to publicly say how very proud I am of you and to tell you what a privilege it is to work with such a fine group of dedicated members. There simply are no words adequate enough to express our gratitude to our Shop Stewards so please just let me say “Thank You.”

I also ask that our 30,000 members do the same by taking a minute today or tomorrow to thank these very special co-workers who volunteer their time to help you and your fellow Local 1262 members.

I have always said that our Shop Stewards are OUR VOICE in the stores and play a critical role in the success of this Union.  That sentiment has not changed, and if anything, has only become stronger as we all stand together during this time of uncertainty.

As always, it is an honor and a privilege to serve as your President.


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