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Having A Say in Government Can Be As Simple As ABC

The Active Ballot Club (ABC)  “works” each and every day to protect your rights and privileges — not only as a union member but as a voting citizen, too.

Technically, the ABC is a voluntary, non-partisan legislative political arm of both Local 1262 and the UFCW International Union.   In reality, however, every member who joins the Active Ballot Club helps make his or her voice heard in the halls of local, state and federal government.

Among the many things the ABC supports are programs that encourage our members to register and vote and to help them understand how to exercise their full rights and responsibilities of citizenship.  Voting is a powerful way of helping our elected representatives hear loud and clear where we stand on issues important to us and our families.

While the ABC does not tell members who to vote for, it can make recommendations – based on research of voting records and other actions – on those candidates who truly are working on behalf of working families.  And, because it is non-partisan, the ABC recommends candidates no matter what party affiliation, as long as they are committed to the ideals of working men and women.

The ABC also protects and promotes your interests by supporting legislation beneficial to UFCW members and by opposing legislation harmful to Union members and their families. It helps level the playing field when it comes to having a voice in the State House and the White House, as well in many local town halls.

NJ Voter Registration Form

NY Voter Registration Form

Federal Government:

The White House
– Contact President Biden.

U.S. Senate and House of Representatives

– Use this link to identify and contact federal representatives using your zip code.

State Government:
– Find state representatives.

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