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A Message to UFCW Members from Joe Biden

Upon his recent selection as the Democratic Party Candidate for President, Joe Biden wrote a letter to UFCW members applauding the work they have done as Essential Workers and outlining his plans for making the Labor Movement stronger than ever upon his election.

“The last six months should be a wakeup call. While industries and entire sectors of our economy have gone remote, we’re reminded daily of the essential nature of the jobs done by UFCW workers. Even in good times, UFCW workers are critical to keeping our families well-fed and well-supplied. And amid a global pandemic that has taken the lives of so many, your duty remains the same while the conditions worsen, and the danger grows. We owe it to you to ensure that you receive the benefits and protections you need, now and after this crisis ends. Make no mistake, if I am elected president, the UFCW will have a friend, an advocate, and a partner in the White House…”

To read the letter in its entirety, click on the link below.

Joe Biden Letter to UFCW Members