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Scholarships Available For Local 1262 Members & Their Families

There are currently two scholarship programs available for Local 1262 members and their families.

The Local 1262 Scholarship Program is open to Local 1262 members or the children of Local 1262 members who are a senior in high school or a freshman, sophomore or junior in college.

Click below for the 2018 Short-Form Application.

2018 Short Form App

Complete and return the one-page Short-Form Application. The Short-Form will be reviewed at our headquarters to determine if you are eligible to apply. If you are eligible, a Long-Form Application is mailed to you.  The deadline for the Long-Form Application is Friday, April 13, 2018.

The UFCW Charity Foundation Scholarship Program is open to UFCW members and their dependents.  They will be accepting applications until May 13, 2018.  The application is done on-line.  The application and all the details on the International’s Charity Foundation Scholarship can be found by clicking the link below

UFCW Charity Foundation Scholarship Program.