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Shop Union & Buy Union — Get Discounts For Being A Union Member

We would like to remind our members and their families to shop union and buy union and to take advantage of the special offers and discounts provided only to union members on www.unionplus.org.  You can also access discounts for UFCW members by visiting www.myufcw.org

UnionPlus is a one-stop source for locating union-made products & provides discounts only available to union members.  Save on large ticket items like autos and home mortgages to every day items like movie tickets and restaurants.  MyUFCW.org is for UFCW members and also provides discounts on everything from child care services to cruises.

Remember that when you shop union supermarkets or buy union-made products you help

preserve good paying union jobs that provide benefits and good wages that help strengthen America’s working families.

Union Supermarkets in our region include ShopRite, Stop & Shop, Acme, Foodtown, Fairway Market, Food Bazaar, Dearborn Market, Tops Markets and Morton Williams, just to name a few.