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Local 1262 Now Accepting Scholarship Applications

President Whille is pleased to announce that Local 1262 is now accepting applications for our Annual Scholarship Program.

Our Scholarship Program is open to Local 1262 members or the children of Local 1262 members who are a senior in high school or a freshman, sophomore or junior in college.  You can obtain a Short-Form Application on our web site by clicking on the link below.

2020 Short Form Application

Or you can request a Short-Form application by calling Gladyz Feimster at 973-777-3700, extension 1933.  Once the short-form application has been reviewed for eligibility, a long-form application will be mailed to you.

The deadline for all materials for this year’s Local 1262 Scholarship Program is Friday, April 17, 2020.



The 2020 application for the Union Plus Scholarship is now available for UFCW members and their family members. Union Plus Scholarships are awarded to students attending a two-year or four-year college, graduate school, or a recognized technical or trade school and are offered through the Union Plus Education Foundation. Awards are based on outstanding academic achievement, personal character, financial need, and commitment to the values of organized labor.

Additionally, applicants who are in the foster care system or who have a connection to the foster care system through employment, volunteer work or career goals, can apply for “Isaiah’s Award,” which was created to honor the life of Isaiah C., a beloved child who was fostered and adopted by a current, long-time employee of Union Plus.

The deadline for 2020 Union Plus Scholarship Program applications is January 31, 2020.

You can learn more about the Union Plus Scholarship Program here.