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NEW: Local 1262 Launches New Break Room Program

Coming Soon To A Break Room Near You!

A Message From Local 1262 President Harvey Whille

Editor’s Note: Please scroll to the bottom for photos.

In this day and age it is hard to believe that a “low-tech” approach is sometimes still the best way to communicate. In fact, a recent national survey of UFCW members somewhat surprisingly found that although many people rely on websites, texts and emails for information about their union, a majority said that the break room continues to be a place where they look for information on a regular basis.

With that in mind, Local 1262 developed a new Break Room Communication Program to help our members stay on top of the latest union news, Member-Only Programs, and other information of interest. The centerpiece of this new program is a Local 1262 Break Room “Billboard” that holds all Local 1262 information in one neat area and which can be updated whenever new programs or publications are available.

The new “billboards” (see photos) will be installed over the course of the next month or so in all the nearly 250 stores represented by Local 1262 in New Jersey and New York.

Additionally, Local 1262 will soon launch a new “high-tech” program to supplement this “low-tech” outreach. This new initiative – the Local 1262 Text Messaging Program — was piloted earlier this year with some 800 members of Local 1262’s Communications Committee which is comprised of Shop Stewards and other long-time members in each store.  Now, thanks to the feedback from the Communications Committee, our Text Messaging Program will be ready for roll-out to our nearly 30,000 members early this summer.

Please check this web site – and check your break rooms – for information on the Text Messaging Program and how you can join.

As always I consider it an honor and a privilege to serve as your president.

Harvey Whille, Local 1262 President

PS: We welcome feedback from our members about these programs.  Please send your comments and suggestions to our Communications Director Cynthia McCarthy at cmccarthy@ufcwlocal1262.org.

Pictured below (left to right):  Local 1262 Executive Board Member Bob Brozowski at the Wallkill ShopRite, Cindy Springsteen and Union Representative John Faulhaber at the Middletown (NJ) Stop & Shop, Sal Zuarino at the Elizabeth Stop & Shop, Shop Steward Sean Daly at the Perth Amboy ShopRite, Victory Velleca and Ann Conlin at the Port Monmouth Foodtown, Fred Kaiser at the Vailsgate ShopRite.  The first board to be “officially” posted was by our Union Representative Steve Blaho at the Hillside ShopRite.


Cindy Springsteen Faulhaber May 2018 S&S Middletown NJSal Zuarino S&S Elizabeth May 2018Sean Daly SS SR Perth Amboy May 2018Victory Velleca and Ann Conklin Pt Monmouth FT May 2018Fred Kaiser