Bulletin Board

Earn Your High School GED For Free!

President Harvey Whille is pleased to announce a new FREE program for UFCW members who want to earn their high school diploma through the GED program. This new program is a partnership with Essential GED and allows members to take free classes to prepare them to pass the GED test. The classes are self-guided and members can log in on phones, tablets, or computers and take classes whenever they have time. The program will also connect members with local testing centers who administer the GED test.

To access this new benefit, members should visit http://www.ufcw.org/GED and fill out the inquiry form. The UFCW will verify your membership and you will receive an email with log-in information that will get you on the road to your high school diploma.

We would also like to remind our members who have already graduated high school that they can earn an associate’s degree from an accredited college through the UFCW’s Free College Program. For more information on the Free College Program visit our web site the Program’s site www.UFCWFreeCollege.org.  The deadline to enroll in time for the summer session is Friday, May 25 however enrollment can be done year round.

That concludes this hotline. Thank you for calling Local 1262.