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Local 1262 Continues to Take a Stand Against Lidl in Vineland, NJ

Local 1262 continues to walk the picket line with other Locals from UFCW Region 1 in front of the Lidl store in Vineland, NJ.  We are proud to join our brothers and sisters there to take a stand against low wages and poor benefits and we encourage the Vineland community to protect jobs with good wages and benefits by shopping at ShopRite Supermarkets and Acme Markets in Vineland.

Despite the winter weather, Local 1262 has been part of the picket line in front of the Vineland Lidl store since November.

“Local 1262 is proud to be part of this action and is committed to walking this picket line in solidarity with Local 152 in their stand against Lidl in Vineland,” said Local 1262 President Harvey Whille.  “We encourage everyone who lives in the area — or has family or friends there — to continue to shop at union supermarkets who, unlike Lidl, respect their workers by paying better wages and benefits.”

If you or a family member are interested in joining us on the picket line in Vineland, please call our Organizing Department at 973-777-3700.