This is the latest message from President Harvey Whille, August 8, 2018

Major victory for labor unions in Missouri as workers overwhelmingly vote NO on Right to Work law

Local 1262 would like to congratulate our fellow UFCW members in Missouri – and all of our brothers and sisters in Missouri’s labor movement – for their victory yesterday in defeating that state’s attempt to pass Right to Work Legislation.

The working people of Missouri overwhelmingly voted on Tuesday, August 7 to reject proposed “right to work” legislation that was being pushed for decades by corporations and politicians in an effort to curb the power of working families and their unions.

Local 1262 is proud to say that with the support of our Executive Board – which consists of rank-and-file members like you — we were able to assist our brothers and sisters in their fight – and ultimate win — in Missouri.

This victory in Missouri is proof of what labor union members in this country can accomplish when we all come together and support each other.

It was the labor unions in this nation – middle- class working families — that built this country and made it great. And, it is my firm belief that America’s labor union members – not the so-called “one-percenters” – that will continue to make this nation great.

As always, I consider it an honor and a privilege to serve as your president.

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