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Local 1262 3.19.2020 Letter to Members re Covid 19

Dear Local 1262 Member,

Let me begin by sincerely thanking you — and all our members — for everything you are doing to help your customers, our community, and your country through this unprecedented health crisis. You are on the frontlines of this crisis and you are proving how invaluable your work is and the vital role our union members play in times like these.

I want to reassure you that – as always — Local 1262’s officers and staff are here for you and your family during these difficult and challenging times. Our office is open and serving our members and are our officers are in daily contact with your employers regarding this situation.

In addition, we will continue to provide you with regular updates on the actions we are taking to protect all of our members.

These updates will be provided at least once a day on our web site (www.ufcw1262.org) and our hotline (1-888-GET-1262). Due to the rapidly changing flow of information currently taking place from so many sources, we urge you to check our web site and hotline regularly and to share the updates with your co-workers.  You should also feel free to print out the updates and post them in your break room.

On a more personal level, I know that these are incredibly stressful days for you and all members of our union family. During such trying moments, we want you to know that your union will be here for you. As difficult as the days ahead may be, we will get through this together.

As always I consider it a privilege to serve as your president and I know that by continuing to work together we will be able to safeguard our members’ rights, weather this storm and emerge stronger than before.