Bulletin Board

NEW: Local 1262 Announces Scholarship Winners


President Harvey Whille is pleased to announce the winners of this year’s Scholarship Program.

The winner of the $2,500 Sam Kinsora Memorial Scholarship is

Danielle Dyson, who’s mother Anna works at the Point Pleasant Stop & Shop.

There were nine winners of $1,500 scholarships, including twin sisters Deanna and Natalie McGee who work at the Howell ShopRite.

The other winners of $1,500 scholarships are:

Narcise Gelin, who works at the Clark ShopRite.

Brianna Hills, who’s mother Kristine works at the Long Branch Stop & Shop.

Alexis Humphris, who works at the Manchester ShopRite.

Michele Loughlin, who’s father Robert works at the Elizabeth Stop & Shop.

Thomas F. Meagher-Diello, who’s father Thomas J. Meagher-Diello works at the Atlantic Highlands Foodtown.

Vincent Plessel, who’s mother Cynthia works at the Lyndhurst Stop & Shop.

And Vinnie Vaca, who’s mother Martha works at the Bayonne Stop & Shop.

Congratulations to our winners who will be featured in an upcoming issue of the Banner. Applications for Local 1262’s 2019 Scholarship Program will be available in mid-October.